The KU books you need to be clicking each week.


Reputation by Adriana Locke
Rebel by Laura Pavlov
Depths of Destruction by Maggie Cole
105 Desire Dr by Hope Ford
Far Beyond Repair by AK Evans
Heavy Crown by Sophie Lark
Kismet in the Sky by Swati M H
The Hot Mess & the Heart Throb by Pippa Grant
A Ruthless Christmas by KL Savage
Bohdi by Bella Jewell
Defiant Heir by Michelle Heard
The Last Goodbye by Abby McCarthy
Charming Co-Worker by Jeannine Collette and Lauren Rowe
Maverick by Serena Akeroyd
The Relationship Pact by Adriana Locke 
A Date with an Elf by LP Dover and Heidi McLaughlin
The Estate by Ivy Wild
Behind the Wheel by AK Evans
The Intern by Serena Akeroyd
Her Dirty Ranchers by Mika Lane
Better Late than Never by Ghiselle St James
Tramp by Mary Elizabeth
Hoax Husband by Candice Wright
Brazen Biker by Jessica Ames
This Much Is True by Tia Louise
Saving His Heart by Avery Maxwell
Southern Hearts by Emily Bowie
The Bodyguard’s Weakness by Jagger Cole
The Romance Pact by Meghan Quinn
Queen of Thorns by Bella Di Corte
All Yours by Ja’ Nese Dixon
Control the Burn by AK Evans
Breakthrough by Sarah Stevens
Defenseman No 9 by Xavier Neal
Heart Stopper by Michelle Hercules
Tongue by KL Savage
Snowflakes & Shots by Amanda Siegrist
Declan by Anna Castor
Stolen Chances by Empress Chang
Egotistical Executive by KL Humphries
Sexy Savior by Kayt Miller
Fighter’s Heart by A Rivers
Fall To Pieces by Shari J Ryan
Arrogant Heir by Michelle Heard
Mistletoe Wishes by JJ Carlson
Broken Vow by Sophie Lark
Club Princess by Nicole James
The Revenge Pact by Ilsa Madden-Mills
Mistletoe Mistake by Amali Rose
Axel by Penny Dee
Control the Burn by AK Evans
Violent Beginnings by JL Beck and C Hallman
The Devil’s Vow by Bella J
Charity by Rochelle Paige
Spartan by Franca Storm
Accidental Sugar Daddy by Kaci Rose
Hunter by Tracey Lorraine
Rumor Going ‘Round by Samantha Lind
Cruel Captivation by Kelli Callahan
Come What May by Lk Farlow
A Roar of Flames by Avery Kilpatrick
Political Prick by Magan Vernon
Tatooed Troublemaker by Elise Faber
Make Me Yours by Melanie Harlow
Nox by Jessica Ames
Maverick by Serena Akeryod
A Date With a Turkey by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover
Arrogant Savior by Terri E Laine
Risky Rockstar by Ryleigh Sloan
Bitterburn by Ann Aguirre
Take the Chance by Top Shelf Romance
Family Bonds: Mac & Sidney by Natalie Ann
The Test by Elena Monroe
Doc by KL Savage
Date Me Like You Mean It by RS Grey
Omega Artist by Hope Irving
Stuck-Up Big Shot by Sierra Hill
Bourbon Fireball by Shari J Ryan
Happily Letter After by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward
One Night by J Akridge
Impossible Odds by Jill Ramsower
Watch Me Drown by CE Johnson
Mr. D by Alta Hensley
Off the Record by Chelle Sloan
Everything that Glitters by Emery Jacobs
Take It On Faith by Jessie Marie
Unruly Protector by Esther E Schmidt
Brazen Bossman by Emma Nicole
Pretentious Playboy by M Piper
Atrevido by Angel Rose
Return By Land by Tracey Jerald
A Date For the Regatta by LP Dover and Heidi McLaughlin
The Bribe by Willa Nash
Courage by JL Drake
My Only Reason by Leigh Lennon
Bully King by Andi Jaxon
Bayou Cottage by Suzanne Jenkins
The Opposite of Falling by Jillian Liota
She’s Mine by Jenika Snow
Face Offs & Cheap Shots by Eden Finley and Saxon James
Love Surreptitiously by Tarrah Anders
Gunner by Megan O’Brien
Everything I Give by AK Evans
Wish You Once More by Julie Archer
Wraith by Franca Storm
Affinity by Dyan Layne
Possessed by Tana Stone
Rescued by Evan Grace
Overdue by Miranda Elaine
Love Always, Wild by AM Johnson
Exploring the Rules by Mariah Dietz
Famous By Association by Leddy Harper
Pretty Little Savage by Lucy Smoke
Pirate by KL Savage
Pretentious Playboy by M Piper
Omega Artist by Hope Irving
Dirty Desires by Nicole James
The Promise by Emily Foxx
Risking It All by Isabel Lucero
A Date for the Fair by Hedie McLaughlin and LP Dover
Cruel Infatuation by Kelli Callahan
Raiden by AM Hargrove
Ravage by Jessica Ames
Xavier by Leila Lucas
Benched by Rebecca Barber
Storm Damage by CP Smith
Wreck by Cora Brent
Falling Into You by AL Jackson
First To Lie by Marie Johnston
Edge of Tomorrow by Freya Barker
Having It All by Livia Grant
Crashing Hearts by Emily Bowie
Unfriend Me by Marika Ray
Ruthless Prince by Faith Summers
Stay With Me Now by Kaci Rose
My Darling Arrow by Saffron A Kent
Derailed by Anjelica Grace
Personal Foul by Cala Riley
Lucky Catch by Lea Coll
The Best Friend Zone by Nicole Snow
False Start by Leigh Lennon
Locked Heart by Eden Finley
Her Dirty Doctors by Mika Lane
The Beat of My Heart by Avery Maxwell
A Date with Foodie by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover
Playing With Fire by LJ Shen
Double Dog Dare You by Lacey Black
If He Only Knew by Jennifer Marie
Savage Lover by Sophie Lark
Miss Understood by Amie Knight and Miranda Elaine
Hostage by Jas T Ward
Brash Boss by AS Roberts
Tough Customer by Erin St Claire
Mister Dimples by Lindsay Becs
Eligible Ex-Husband by Marie Johnston
Bestselling Bastard by Nicole Rodrigues
Sexy Seaman by Paige Steele
Reckless Rebel by TC Matson
Heartless. Bastard by Tonya Brooks
Cocky Jerk by Janine Infante Bosco
Forever With Him by Stacy Travis
Looking to Score by Alley Ciz
Securing It All by Livia Grant
Love Her Madly by Jessica Ruben
The God by SR Jones
Evil Love by Ella Fields
Confessions of a Bookaholic by Joslyn Westbrook
Layer by Layer by Kaylee Ryan
Real Fake Love by Pippa Grant
Nera by Raven Amor
Revved to the Maxx by Melanie Moreland
Wicked Intention by Patti O’Shea
Claiming the Crown by Kailin Gow
Deviated: A Salvation Society Novel by Esther E Schmidt
Reformation: A Salvation Society Novel by Chelle Sloan
Seconds: A Salvation Society Novel by Freya Barker
Faithless: A Salvation Society Novel by Megan Green
Doc by KD Robichaux
Our Forever Crazy Love by Jennifer Nolan
Hot Pickle by JJ Knight
Necessary Cruelty by Ashley Gee
Miss the Shot by AK Evans
Overcast by Hazel Grace
Drive Me Wild by Melanie Harlow
Caught Up In You by Claire Hastings
Explosive by KE Osborne
Steel by Serena Akeroyd
Run Baby Run by Margot Scott
Fierce by Tracey Lorraine
Baller by MA Foster
Cruel Seduction by Kelli Callahan
Game Changer by Ilsa Madden Mills
Hard Fall by Sarah Ney
One Crazy Bite by Cassandra Faye
Corruption by Leigh Lennon
Demons Do It Better by Louisa Masters
The Trouble With Quarterbacks by RS Grey
The Replacement War by Lisa Suzanne
Challenged By You by Tracey Jerald
Reckless Kiss by Tia Louise
A Date to Play Fore by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover
Better Man by Karen Cimms
Stolen Heir by Sophie Lark
Trouble Maker by Kayley Loring
Lead Player by Alex Grayson
No Mercy by DM Davis
Walk Me Home by Alison Mello
Fragile Things by Samantha Lovelock
Love Song by Elle Greco
Restraint by Adriana Locke
Hex Factor by Andie M Long
The Initiation by Elena Monroe
Taking the Fall by Kally Ash
Deliver Us From Evil by Logan Fox
Breaking News by Ella Frank
Until You Believe by DM Davis
Mistress by Cole Denton
When the Time Is Right by Aly Martinez and M Mabie
Can’t Fight It by Kaylee Ryan & Lacey Black
Book of Love by Nina Lindsey
The Shrink by Sophia Karlson
Ruthless Kings by Laura Lee
A Date for the Derby by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover
Finally… My Forever by Kristi Pelton
Legacy by Laura Pavlov
Whip It Out by Kat Addams
Torn by Cole Lepley
Temptation by Leigh Lennon
The Cowboy and His Secret by Kaci Ros
Crash Into Me by LA Fiore
Redemption by S Hamil
Boy #1: the Wannabe Rockstar by Penny Sixsmith
Grim by Elizabeth Knox
Malicious by Alex Grayson & Melissa Toppen
Justice for Landee by Deanndra Hall
Take the Plunge by AK Evans
This Love Hurts by Willow Winters
Born in Water by Sarah Hegger
Where Loyalties Lie by Jill Ramsowe
Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark
Montana Wild by Kira Berger
Trick You by Tracy Lorraine
Bliss by Kaylee Ryan
The Proposal (Cupcakes & Cocktails: Book 1) by Maya Hughes
Detour by A Marie
Forever Love by Brooke Summers
Poodle by KL Savage
Wrath by Lacey Heart
Gauge: Maryland SBMC by Erin Trejo
Bourbon Nights by Shari Ryan
Beautiful Scars by Ariana Black
Dishing Up Love by KD Robichaux
Dirty Deals by Nicole James
Before I Die by Nikki Ash
Full Count by Kimberly Readnour
Empire High Untouchables by Ivy Smoak
Emotionally Compromised by Alex Rosa
Full Count by Kimberly Readnour
No Reservations by Stephanie Rose
Am I the Only One by EK Blair
Thank You, Next Chapter by Cassie Graham
Hunted by Cassandra Faye
Dangerously by M Never
Lead Me Back by CD Reiss
Hands Down by Mariana Zapata
Vengeance Executed by Zoey Indiana
Torn by Cole Lepley
Drowning by Hope Jones
Sin by Serena Akeroyd
Power Plays & Straight A’s by Eden Finley & Saxon James
I Never Let You Go by Stefanie Jenkins
The Perfect Billionaire by Lily Prescott & Rose Everhart
Mr. HOA by Carina Taylor
Pierced Hearts Duet by M Robinson
The Vows We Break by Serena Akeroyd & GA Mazurke
Pretty, Twisted Lies by Emily Bowie
Dirty Player by Gwyn Namee
Ash by Sophie Lark
Animal (Royal BAstard MC) by Ker Dukey
Agony by Kaylee Ryan
Tool by KL Savage
Letting Go by LA Fiore
The Summer of Him by Stacy Travis
Hooking Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Forbidden with Me by Leigh Lennon
Shelby by Mandy Harbin
Disciplined by Lenore Ashwood
Saving Tayla by Amanda Kaitlyn
Revived by AK Evans
Make Me Hate You by Kandi Steiner
Riding Wrong by Franca Storm
Like You by Rachel Leigh
Worth the Risk by Shannon Davis
To Be Your Last by Rae Kennedy
Boom by Sabrina Stark
Starlet by Cora Kenborn
Jilted Jock by Rebecca Jenshak
Dirty Dealer by Kacey Shae
Cocky Protector by Kat Mizer
Hired Hottie by Kelsie Rae
Cocky Notes by Leesa Bow
Scandalous Scotsman by Nicole Dykes
Smug Bastard by Stacey Marie Brown
Bloodthirsty Bastard by TL Christianson
Loner by Harloe Rae
Writing Dirty by Alley Ci
Dirty Cowboy by Erin Trejo
Unruly Defender by Esther E Schmidt
Reckless Romeo by Sienna Snow
Undercover Agent by Heather Slade
Bossy Bastard by JL Perry
Hot Shot Deceiver by KE Osborn
Arrogant Aussie by Kat Masen
Royal Pain by Leslie Pike
Slick Senator by Mika Lane
Teacher by Fiona Cole
Return By Air by Tracey Jerald
Naughty Neuro by Karen Deen
When the Walls Come Down by Aly Martinez & M Mable
Wicked Promises by S Massery
Rewritten by JR Gray
Temptation by Ivy Smoak
Beautiful Monster by Sara Cate
Revived by AK Evans
Reckless by Stella Rhys
A Date for Good Luck by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover
Pin-Up Pilot by Claire Raye
Flithy Firefighter by Emma Louise
Dirty Liar by Janice M Whiteaker
British Banger by Jennifer Woodhull
Doctor Heartbreaker by Kathryn Hearst
Fateful Fighter by Kathy Coopsman
Brainy Bartender by Natalie Ann
Master Manipulator by Nicole Goodin
Layover Lover by Jeannine Collett
Cruel Beloved by TL Smith
Filthy Rich by Serena Akeroyd
Fortuity by Jewel E AnnLuca by Nyssa Kathryn
Something Twisted by Ace Gray 
Rebel Desire by LK Farlow
My Broken Heart by Kelli Callahan
Sugar Ellie by Sarah Hegger
The First Score by Amie Knight
Something Twisted by Ace Gray
Intrigued by Love by Sienna Snow
We Were Once by SL Scott
Healed Hearts by Betty Shreffler
Savage by Tracy Lorraine
The Beginning of the End by R Holmes
Luca by Nyssa Kathryn
Jett by Carmen Jenner
Uber Bossy by Marika Ray
Awful Intentions by Elena Monroe
Bad News by Stacey Travis
A Date with an Admirer by Heidi McLaughlin & LP Dover
Hot Mess by Emma Hart
Bona Fide by Hazel Grace
Last and Forever by Rebecca Brooke
Unpredictable by Cala Riley
In Your Hands by Louisa Masters
Beautiful Bridges by Lia Fairchild
The Modern Gentleman by Meghan Quinn
The Black Stallion Ranch Duet by Cara Wade
Repent by Cassandra Robbins
Beautifully Cruel by JT Geissinger
Cloaked by AD Justice
Cocky Duke by Annabell Anders
Mother Clucker by Cat Johnson
Secret Keeper by Christopher Harlan
Cocky Captain by Ellie Masters
Sexy Suit by JH Croix
Wicked Bedmate by Jenika Snow
Lucky Bastard by Kaylee Ryan
Cocksure Ace by K Webster
Clutch Player by Nikki Ash
Deep Burn by Abigail Davies
Outback Treasure by Ann Grech
Boomer by KL Savage
Echoes of You by Margaret McHeyzer
Mafia Lullaby by Alta Hensley and Measha Stone
A Secret for A Secret by Helena Hunting
Atonement by LK Shaw
Bossy Brothers: Tony by JA Huss
Ink by Sophie Lark
The Hunter by LJ Shen
Edge of Forever by Jacob Chance
Never Tell by Kate Anslinger
Love the One You Hate by RS Grey
The Plus-One Proposal by Cassie Cross
Machiavellian by Bella Di Corte
Charlie by Jennifer Hanks
Deep Wood by Margot Scott
Meant to Be by AK Evans
On the Rox by Kat Addams
Bound in Sacrifice by Murphy Wallace
Unforgettable by Melanie Harlow
Cannon by Marie James
Through the Lens by KK Allen
From Scratch by Rachel Goodman
IOU by Kristy Marie
Love on Beach Avenue by Jennifer Probst
Reckless Obsession by Samantha Christy
The F List by Alessandra Torre
My Favorite Souvenir by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward
By A Thread by Lucy Score
Shadow Man by Catherine Wiltcher
Behind the Count by Kimberly Readnour
Edge of Forever by Jacob Chance
Seduction by ZL Arkadle
Sweet Possession by Lucy Smoke & AJ Macey
Splinters of You by Anne Malcom*
Outback Treasure by Ann Grech
A Date for Midnight by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover
Mayhem’s Betrayal by Lindsay Cross
Dirty Quinn by Denise Wells
Flick by Bella Jewel
Heartless King by Maya Hughes
Hate You by Tracy Lorraine
Periculum by Natalie Bennett
Full Court Press by J Akridge
Reaper by KL Savage
Breathe by CL Mathews 
Blood Always by Jill Ramsower
Shades of Red by TL Christianson
The Hardest Play by AS Teague
Pride and Persuasion by Wrenn Montgomery
Corrupt Kingdom by Ava Harrison
Havoc by SS Richards
Throne Away by Leddy Harper
Finding His Strength by Measha Stone
Liarholic by Kingsley Ash
Here With Me by Tia Louise
Royally Flushed by Ainsley St Claire
Semi-Psychic Life by Elizabeth Hunter
‘Til the Last Lyric by M Robinson
Rebellion by Siobhan Davis
PlayThing by Cole Denton
Star Crossed by CD Reiss
Snow by Sophie Lark
First and Always by Rebecca Brooke
Second Chance Spring by Delancy Stewart
Into the Clear Water by B Celeste
Twisted Truth by Gina Azzi
Between the Covers by Louisa Masters
Charmer by Kayley Loring
French Kiss by Stacy Travis
Miss Typed by Aubrey Bondurant
Big Pickle by JJ Knight
Forgiven by Leigh Lennon
Never Kiss A Stranger by Logan Chance
Steal You Away by Victoria Ashley
More of You by Laura Pavlov
Bourbon on the Rocks by Shari Ryan
The Random Series by Julia Kent
Royal Watch by Stacey Marie Brown
The Athletic Trainer by Lana Brazen
Easy Revenge by LP Dover
One Moment Please by Amy Daws
Wolf Ranch by Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale
Easy Revenge by LP Dover
The Athletic Trainer by Lana Brazen
Bourbon on the Rocks by Shari Ryan
Sweet Gone South by Alicia Hunter Pace
The Random Series by Julia Kent
Royal Watch by 
Marked by Rebecca Barber
Unexpected Odds by Kaylee Ryan
Broken Boundaries by Andi Rhodes
Hurt to Love by Nikki J Summer
Taste Me by Kally Ash
The Truth We Told by EK Blair
Every Little Thing by Jordan Bates
A New Season by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle
Slow Dancing by Stylo Fantome
Beautifully Scarred by HP Davenport
Serenity by Dyan Layne
Angry God by LJ Shen
Bet On Me by Elizabeth Knox
Betrayed by AK Evans
The IT Guy by Andi Burns
Broken Innocence by Andi Rhodes
Foul Play by Vixen Kane
Puck Performance by Alley Ciz
Alpha Knight by Renee Rose
Unbreakable by Melanie Harlow
House of Cards by Ainsley St Claire
Love Bank by Marika Ray
The Thing About US by Jennifer Domonico
Trouble by Adriana Locke
Release by Aly Martinez
Hearts and Thorns by Ella Fields
Stolen Choices by Anna Edwards
Dad Bob (Under Construction Book 1) by Silla Webb & Kaden Layne
Manhattan by Kandi Steiner
The Gibson Boy Collection by Adriana Locke
Destroyed by Bella J
Blow Me Away by Christina Hovland
Holiday Hideaway by Stephie Walls
Offside Rules by Louisa Masters
Devious Lies by Parker Huntington
Take All of Me by Sienna Evans
The Lineup by Meghan Quinn
Undone by Mia Kayla
Play the Part by AK Evans
Across Time by Elizabeth O’Roark
Unexpected by Jenna Hartley
The Younger Man by Karina Halle
Regretting You by Colleen Hoover
Balls In the Air by Molly Sloan
I Never Expected You by Stefanie Jenkins
Devious Intentions by Kelli Callihan
Take All of Me by Sienna Evans
Dirty Ex-Mas by Denise Wells
Kiss Me With Lies by SM Soto
This Is Love by Melissa Foster
Enemies by Tijan
Undercover Barmaid by Rachel Kirwin
Primitivo by Rose Croft
Undercover Barmaid by Rachel Kirwin
Enemies by Tijan
Kiss Me With Lies by SM Soto
This Is Love by Melissa Foster
Dirty Ex-Mas by Denise Wells
My Boss’s Sister by Alexis Winter
That ring by Jillian Dodd
Wanna Be Heir by Kim Karr
The Imperfect Guy by Leddy Harper
The Long Road to Us by MN Forgy
One Complicated Christmas by Mika Jolie
Unravel You by Diana A Hicks
Twist by Lucia Franco
Side Effects by Dee Palmer
Thorn by Tracy Lorraine
Queen of Men by Terri E Laine
Wordless by Sabrina Stark
Blindsided by Amy Daws
My Boss’s Sister by Alexis Winter
That Ring by Jillian Dodd
Wanna Be Heir by Kim Karr
In the Unlikely Event by L.J. Shen
Up for Debate by Devin Sawyer
Undone by Mia Kayla
Sins by Soraya Naomi
More Than Friends by Tarrah Anders
Gorgeous Gyno by Karen Deen
Unspoken Words by K.M Golland
Sweet Victory by Alley Ciz
Us, Again by Elle Maxwell
The Lumberjack Effect by JW Ashley
Obey Fate (Fated Duet Book 2) by Abigail Davies
Unscripted by J.R. Gray
Embracing Fate by Ellie Masters
Fighting To Save Us by Sarah Stevens
No Vacancy by Stephanie Rose
And I Love Her by Nina Lindsey
Daddy’s Dirty Boss by Jade West
The Queen by Cole Denton
Iced by Jacob Chance
Hawk by Elizabeth Knox
Consumed by Danielle Pays
Then And Now by Bella Jewel
Hold On To Hope by A.L. Jackson
Dead Man’s Hand by Renee Rose
Another Round by Nikki Belaire
Reckless Obsession by Theresa Pope
The Stone Series by Ariana Rose
Heartless Hero by Mary Catherine Gebhard
Clash by Cora Brent
All That’s Left by Emma Doherty
Breaker by Harloe Rae
Aces High my M Never
Broken- Alexis Winter
Deranged by Bella J
Defy Fate (Fated Duet book 1) – Abigail Davies
The Line That Binds by Carolyn La Roche
Break You by MV Ellis
Forged Sacrifice by LJ Evans
The Housekeepers Daughter by Dee Palmer
Go Deeper by Molly Sloan
Chemistry by Tess Oliver
Worship by Ella James
The Second We Met by Maya Hughes
Toy Girl by Savannah Maris
The Arrival of You by B Cranford
Unspoken Words by Shari Ryan
Protecting Cara by Kate Kinsley

Paradox by CA Harms
Breathless by Madison Faye
Immoral Obsession by Theresa Papa
My Songbird by Savvi V
POUR JUDGMENT by Heather M. Orgeron
Rumor Has it by Leaona Luxx
Unexpected Fall by Kaylee Ryan
Dreams of 18 by Saffron Kent
Game Changer by Nikki Kaye
Breathless by Madison Faye
Immoral Obsession by Theresa Papa
My Songbird by Savvi V
POUR JUDGMENT by Heather M. Orgeron
Built To Last by Kate McBrien
Close Match by Tracey Jerald
Rowan Revived by Taylor Danae Colbert
Selfless by Kelsey Cheyenne
Broken Promises by Aimee Noalane
XO by Melissa Jane
Those Summer Nights by Ivy Smoak
Perfect Strangers by JT Geissinger
Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E Ann
Frat House Confessions: Wes by Bethany Lopez
Magic Man by Jamie Schlosser
The Price of Scandal by Lucy Score
Cocky Playboy by Sloane Howell and Alex Wolf