I believe in Still!

Still ( Grip #2)

By Kennedy Ryan

Ask me in a billion seconds
ask me in a million years
do you still love me and I will say


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Review by Tiffany

If this was able to get more stars, I would graciously give them. I don’t even know where to begin with this love story. Because, that is exactly what it is. A true, in awe of, what we should inspire for when we love some one love story. It is one of a kind. Grip won me over in Flow and he kept me in Grip but the love that I have for that character grew leaps and bounds in Still. I read this book straight through. I mean, other than the times I laid it down to dry my tears or catch my breath. I have never in all my years of writing had a book take my breath. Make me completely and utterly speechless. The twists and turns.. The ups and downs… It took my heart out. Ripped it apart. And tried to put it back together although it is now tattered and scared. There is no other way to describe the love between these two characters but the word STILL. I could go on and on gushing over this. It is the top read EVER for me. It is an absolute must if you believe in love. And if you believe in Still.

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