Need some angst in your life?

Room 143 by Laramie Briscoe is LIVE and it is AMAZING! You need to one-click it HERE!

Tiffany’s Review <3

Have you ever read a book that just changed your way of reading? Your way of absorbing the story? I have had the pleasure of that happening to me 4 times prior to this story. So now I can say 5 books.

I met Laramie with the Heaven Hills Series. Which I LOVED. Then came her contemporary books. And HOLY CRAP. Each book has depth and meaning, and you will leave them wiser and wanting to find your Laramie love too.

Room 143 was no exception. I instantly fell in love with Nash and Caroline’s story.  He has lost everything. His world crumbled the day his wife passed. (cue tears) And his family became worries because he was spiraling, and they wanted him back. Enter their plan and Caroline, who herself wasn’t looking for love.

This story is heart shattering, but I promise she puts the pieces back to wonderfully that you will see their cracks (because that’s what makes them now) but the heart is mended. It’s a fantastic story of learning to let go and live again.

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