Grab this novella for your Sunday reading! It’s Free!

Leslie Pike’s novella, The Adventure is FREE on all platforms. We completely adored this book! It is definitely one you should one click and grab up! Perfect for Sunday reading <3

For New York based travel blogger Zarah, it’s one hell of a sweet life. She looks like Tinkerbell and thinks like Wonder Woman. Her latest trip, a month in Italy, is coming to an end when she spots an old friend across the piazza.
Fig Dragoni, heir to an iconic Italian tire company always lusted after the funny girl he went to high school within Manhattan. But his shyness got in the way. Now years later a chance meeting ignites an old spark. He’s not going to blow his chance this time.
When the two embark on an Italian adventure, all the walls come down and passion storms the castle.
La Dolce Vita!





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