Romance Round-Up: Hollow is LIVE and more!

Hollow by Laramie Briscoe is generations book 4 and IT IS THE BEST ONE YET!

 had to step back from this book a few times because it literally took my breath. Having gone through a similar situation as Mandy, I felt her pain deep in my soul. It’s been a very long time since a book hit me on that level. And I just had to have a breather.

The things Mandy and Dalton had to overcome would have destroyed most likely anyone else. This story has pain, heartache, heartbreak, love, brotherhood, sisterhood and so so much more. I don’t have the words to adequately describe this book.


Ravage by Jessica Ames is Book 1 of her Untamed Sons MC..

Who doesn’t love good drama, a secret baby, betrayal and a shot at a second chance with their one true love?

This book was AMAZING. It showed you exactly what it’s like to be in a MC life. The betrayal. The revenge. The protecting. RAV and Sasha’s chemistry was unmatched. I am completely obsessed with this MC chapter. I absolutely can’t wait for Nox’s story. He secretly has my heart!!


Lies and Lullabies by Sarina Bowen
Wild Fire by Kristen Ashley
Tools of Engagement by Tess Bailey
A Sinful Encore by Lisa Renee Jones
The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult
Having It All by Livia Grant*
Crashing Hearts by Emily Bowie*
When You Kiss Me by Bella Andre
Unfriend Me by Marika Ray*
Ruthless Prince by Faith Summers*
Masters of Control by Sienna Snow
Raiden by AM Hargrove*
Cowboy Tough by Michelle Beattie
Ravage by Jessica Ames*
Xavier by Leila Lucas*
Benched by Rebecca Barber*
Hollow by Laramie Briscoe 

No Love Lost by Lexi Blake (preorder)
Follow Me Darkley by Helen Hardt
Imagine with Me by Kristen Proby (preorder)
Seduced in Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan (preorder)
Rifts and Refrains by Devney Perry
A Date for the Fair by Hedie McLaughlin and LP Dover (preorder)
Optum Skies by CM Radcliff
Flame by Lana Sky

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