Romance Round-Up: Reckless Kiss is live and so much more!

Holy moly was it a jammed pack week of releases last week and round 2 is coming this week. So many releases. So many chances to fall in love with a new hero or heroine!

I fell in love with this story by Tia Louise! Deacon.. he’s just so damn swoony! I completely devours this book.. but.. that’s really nothing new with this author. She always finds a way to suck me (and other readers) in and not let us out til we fall in love with her story!

Grab Reckless Kiss by Tia Louise HERE !

Here are some of last week’s releases in case you missed them:
(* means they can also be found in KU)

King of Souls by LA Cotton
A Date to Play Fore by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover*
Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting 
Lead Player by Alex Grayson*
No Mercy by DM Davis*
Walk Me Home by Alison Mello*

For more releases, check out our New release page HERE!

Want a sneak preview of this week’s releaseS? (You know you do!)
Check them out:

Just the Tip by Kat Adams
One Night in Manaco by Blair Babaylon
Steele by Serena Akeroyd
From That Moment by Carrie Ann Ryan (preorder)
Game Changer by Ilsa Madden Mills  (preorder)
The Trusted Thing by Samantha Young 
Hard Fall by Sarah Ney (preorder)
The One for Me by Corrine Michaels (preorder)
The Jackal by JR Ward  (preorder)
Watch Me by Stacey Kennedy
So True by Serena Bell
For the rest of this week’s releases (and the rest of the month’s), click HERE!

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