New and Upcoming Releases

*the book is also in KU


January 3, 2021

Devious Wingman by Casey Hagen*
Cocky Corpoal by April Canavan*

January 4

Experience by Jeanne McDonald*
Loyal Heir by Michelle Heard*
The StrikeOut by Meghan Quinn*
Something Old by Liz Lovelock

January 5

Reputation by Adriana Locke*
Rebel by Laura Pavlov*
Depths of Destruction by Maggie Cole*
105 Desire Dr by Hope Ford*
Far Beyond Repair by AK Evans*

January 6

Heavy Crown by Sophie Lark*

January 7

Kismet in the Sky by Swati M H*
Fury by Tracey Loraine
The Hot Mess & the Heart Throb by Pippa Grant*

January 8

The Heirs of Shadows by Candice Wright*

January 9

Knives by KL Savage*

January 10

Arrogant Single-Dad by Alyse Zaftig*
Scottish Player by Karen Frances*

January 11

Mafia Prince by Vi Carter*
Return by Sea by Tracey Jerald*
Off the Cuff by KI Lynn*
Professor Perfect by Alana Jade*
Fugitive by KE Osborn*
Whatever You Need by S Jones*
Kiss Me Now by Penny Wylder*
And then there was Her by Jenika Snow*
Stolen Hearts by M O’Keefe

January 12

Scandalous Prince by Rachel Van Dyken
Shielding Riley by Susan Stoker
Our Italian Summer by Jennifer Probst
Housewife Chronicles by Jennifer Snow*
Fractured by Dani Rene*
Grayson by Crimson Syn*
Misadventures With A Lawyer by Julie Morgan
Roommate by Sarina Bowen
Spark by Chelle Bliss
Destructive King by Rachel Van Dyken
The Way the Story Goes by Samantha Chase
My One and Only by Layla Hagen
The Forever Girl by Jill Shalvis

January 13
Rowdy by DM Davis*
Change of Course by Sierra Hill
Trouble by Angela Nicole*

January 14
A Very Friendly Valentine’s Day by Kayley Loring*
Black Clouds Cotton by CM Radcliff*
Broken Wings by Andi Rhodes*
The Cowboy and His Valentine by Kaci Rose*
Never Got Over you by S.L. Scott*

January 15
Until Sadie by Sarah Curtis*
Sullivan by Laramie Briscoe


January 16
G-Ring by Diana Gardin

January 17
Hot Shot Hero by Tessa York
Brazen Bachelor by Dani Rene

January 18
Hard to Love by K Bromberg
Hard to Lose by K Bromberg
The Invitation by Vi Keeland
Callous Heir by Michelle Heard
Ashes by Gail Harris

January 19
Far Beyond Repair by AK Evans
Love In Europe by Emily Sliver
Filthy Sex by Serena Akeryod
Balls to the Wall by April Caravan
Marks of Rebellion by Maggie Cole
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Amelia Wild
Kingdom of Shawdow and Light by Karen Moning
The Stud Next Door by Kendall Ryan
Escape With Me by Kristen Proby

January 20
Savage Desire by Kristen Luciani
How To Get Lucky by Lauren Blakely and Jo Arden

January 21
Bloody Union by Brooke Summers
Changing Lanes by A Marie
Cuimination by Tessa Teevan
What We Leave Behind by Linda Oaks
Throne of Power by Rina Kent

January 22
Daimon by Jessica Ames

January 24
British Bachelor by KK Allen
Goodbye Guy by Jodi Watters

January 25
Matteo by Cala Riley

January 26
Stay by Carly Philips
Villian of Secrets by LA Cotton
Lunatic by KL Savage
Prince Charming by K Webster
Filthy Rich Prince by Lynn Raye Harris
No Holding Back by Lori Foster
Bet the Farm by Staci Hart
Kit by Brenda Rothert
Follow Me Under by Helen Hardt
My Beautiful Sin by J Kenner

January 27
Riggs by Sandy Alvarez and Crystal Daniels
The Sweet Talker by Gina Azzi
Strays by Cora Brent

January 28
Hate Me by Ashley Scott
Unraveled by Alexia Chase
Built to Fall by Julia Wolf
End Game by Jennifer Hanks
Obsessed by Jolie Vines
Dark Reign by Xavier Neal

January 31
Filthy Friend by Gwynn McNamee
West End Wonder by Sheri Lynn

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