New and Upcoming Releases

*the book is also in KU


October 29
Ricochet by Candice Wright*

October 30
Deviant Sin by Lee Piper
Dark Captor by Faith Summers*
Cursed by Andrea Joy

November 1st
Wild Child by Audrey Carlan
Arrogant Savior by Terri E Laine*
Risky Rockstar by Ryleigh Sloan*

November 2nd
The Director by Renee Rose
Bitterburn by Ann Aguirre*

November 3rd
Take the Chance by Top Shelf Romance*
Family Bonds: Mac & Sidney by Natalie Ann*

November 4th
The Test by Elena Monroe*
Doc by KL Savage*

November 5th
Date Me Like You Mean It by RS Grey*
Miss Misguided by Ash Hosking

November 6
Love On the Rocks by Kim Bailey*
Surrender to Love by Lizabeth Scott
Songbird by Elle Greco
Fireside Love by SL Sterling*

November 7
One Hot Holiday by Cynthia Eden

November 8
Cocky Kilt by Jolie Vines*
Mister Stand-In by CM Albert*

November 9
First to Fail by Marie Johnston*
Snowed-In by Jessica Calla
Not My Hero by Michelle Heard*
Riot House by Callie Hart*

November 10
Justice for Liella by Deanndra Hall*
Nobel Prince by Devney Perry
Shine With Me by Kristen Proby
A Problematic Christmas Love by Rebecca Rohman
Forgot to Tell You Something by ML Broome*
Last Chance Cowboy by Sade Rena*
In Her Corner by Willow James*
So Wrong It’s Wright by Amelia Kingston

November 12
Piece by Piece by Kaylee Ryan*
See Me After Class by Meghan Quinn*
Reclaim by Aly Martinez*
Reverb by SM West
The Other Side of Blue by Anna Bloom*
Broken Hearts by Andi Rhodes*
Trust Him by Caitlyn Dare*
Two-Step by Stephanie Fournet
Let It Snow by Cassie Cross

November 13
Mercenary by Bella Di Corte*
All or Nothing by Missy Johnson*

November 15
Reckless Rockstar by Victoria Ashley*
Cocky Professor by MA Lee*
Broken Hearts by Andi Rhodes*

November 16
The Devil’s Vow by Bella J*
Charity by Rochelle Paige*
Snowed-In with the Firefighter by Victoria James
Snowflakes and Shots by Amanda Seigrist
The Foreseer by Brie Paisley

November 17
Ruthless Savior by Julia Sykes
Ruin by LA Cotton
The Faking Season by KA Linde
Wild Like Us by Krista &Becca Ritchie
Mafia Casanova by M Robinson & Rachel Van Dyken
Cover Me by Casey Hagen (preorder)
Darker Than night by Amelia Wild
This Boy by Jenna Scott (preorder)
You Know I Love You by Willow Winters
Time After Time by Melody Grace
The Christmas Plan by Samantha Chase

November 18
Spartan by Franca Storm
In Trouble With Him by Stacey Travis
One Time Only by Lauren Blakely (preorder)
Ignite by Casandra Robbins

November 19
Accidental Sugar Daddy by Kaci Rose
Hunter by Tracey Lorraine
The Fee King’s Curse by Jamie Schlosser
Rumor Going ‘Round by Samantha Lind
Cruel Captivation by Kelli Callahan
What May by Lk Farlow
Head Over Heels for the Holiday Season by Jennifer Bennard
Fairytale Wrath by MHB

November 20
Collide With Me by Rachel Brooks
Wounded by Lynn Cruz
A Roar of Flames by Avery Kilpatrick

November 22
Political Prick by Megan Vernon
Tattooed Troublemaker by Elise Faber


November 23
Custom Built by Chantal Fernando
Make Me Yours by Melanie Harlow

November 24
Man In Love by Laureline Paige
Nox by Jessica Ames
Maverick by Serena Akeryod
A Date With a Turkey by Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover

November 28
Violent Beginnings by JL Beck and C Hallman

November 29
Arrogan Arrival by Gail Harris
Merciless King by Elise Jean
Risky Memories by Rhonda Brewers
Sun Child by Serena Akeryod

Novemeber 30
Door of Bruises by Sierra Simone (preorder)
Liam by Brenda Rothert
Claim Now by Lea Nolan

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